Air Spade

A Revolutionary Tool for Tree Care and Preservation

One of the wonderful new advancements in tree care and preservation is the air spade. It is quickly replacing the chainsaw as the tool of choice for many arborists. The air spade allows for the quick and non destructive excavation of soil for a variety of reasons. It is used as a labor saving excavation tool that can be used to plant flowers and shrubs under the dripline of existing trees, it can create trenches in areas with utilities without disturbing root systems.

When trees show signs of illness or stress above ground, it is often indicative of an issue within the root system. Fortunately, the use of an air spade allows arborists to examine the root system without causing damage to the roots themselves. With this tool, arborists can conduct root excavation, exposing girdling roots that may be causing issues or removing excess soil flares to reduce stress on the tree. Air spading can also provide important root system enhancements, such as alleviating soil compaction caused by construction damage and improving aeration to encourage new root growth. By incorporating organic matter into the soil, the air spade can also create a healthy environment for biological activity that is essential for healthy tree growth. If you have trees that are suffering, consider contacting a professional arborist to perform air spading services.

Tree health issues often originate from problems within the root system, which can be difficult to diagnose without causing damage. However, professional air spading services provide a non-invasive solution to examine the root system of your Long Island trees. At Jones Tree and Plant Care, our certified arborists offer air spading services to enhance the health and beauty of your landscape. By utilizing this innovative tool, we can diagnose issues, including girdling roots and soil compaction, and provide necessary root system enhancements for healthy growth. If you’re looking to improve the health and appearance of your trees on your Long Island landscape, consider air spading services from Jones Tree and Plant Care.

What Exactly is Air Spading?

New arboreal tools, technologies, and strategies are introduced on a regular basis, and one of the latest and most impressive advancements in tree care and preservation is the air spade. In fact, the air spade is quickly replacing the chainsaw and is becoming the tool of choice for many arborists.

An air spade is a handheld tool that delivers high-pressure air steam. This specialized tool allows for quick and non-destructive excavation of soil around the roots of a tree. The main benefit of using an air spade for soil excavation over traditional methods is that it is much less likely to damage tree roots and reduces the risk of compromising the integrity of the entire root system.  At Jones Tree and Plant Care, we use an air spade for a variety of reasons. We use it as a labor-saving excavation tool that can be used to plant flowers and shrubs under the dripline of existing trees. Our professionals use an air spade to create radial trenches and loosen compacted soil to provide aeration and add organic matter that will increase the nutrient levels that tree roots so desperately need to flourish.

An air spade is great as a diagnostic tool for sick trees. When problems are present in the above-ground parts of trees – the leaves, limbs, and trunk – often, those issues are often associated with root system problems. Our arborists can also use air spading to reveal any underlying issues that lie within the roots without causing any damage, such as poor growth, pest infestations, or rood girdling, allowing us to enhance the root system and save your trees. If you’re planning on adding a structure to your property, such as a walkway, patio, or driveway, soil that surrounds tree roots may need to be excavated. We can use an air spade to uncover and examine nearby roots so we can determine which ones can be safely pruned without damaging the tree. Air spading can also be useful for transplanting. This tool can remove soil and rocks around the roots, reducing the weight of the tree so that it’s easier to remove from its existing location.

Preparing for Professional Air Spading Services

Whether you would like to improve the health of your trees and enhance the overall appearance of your landscape design, you are planning on transplanting any existing trees, or you are adding a structure to your property that will be located within close proximity to a tree’s root system, professional air spading services from Jones Tree and Plant Care may be the service that you need. In order to ensure the best results possible, it’s important to make the necessary preparations before we arrive.

To prepare for air spading, make sure to water the soil a day or two before your scheduled service. Moist soil will expedite the air spading process, as moist soil is much easier to cut through than dry soil. We also recommend removing any existing flowers, shrubs, grass, or other plant matter that may be around the base of the trees you want to have treated. Lastly, because an air compressor is needed, the process of air spading can be pretty loud. If you have small children or pets, we suggest making arrangements ahead of time so that they won’t be alarmed by the noise. Likewise, if you intend on being within the vicinity while we’re air spading, wearing appropriate ear protection is recommended.

We Transform Long Island Landscapes

At Jones Tree and Plant care, we have been beautifying the landscapes of Long Island for more than a decade. Our team of licensed professionals, including a certified arborist, offers a wide range of services that are specifically designed to improve the health and visual appeal of back and front yard landscaping.

In addition to air spading, we also provide complete landscape design services. We can install and maintain your flower beds and trees to ensure that they look their very best. We can also design and install landscape architecture elements and hardscaping features, such as backyard waterfalls and ponds. Our landscape designers and pond builders can create and install a one-of-a-kind structure that will completely transform your yard. We also offer highly effective, extremely safe, and very affordable mosquito and tick control services, so you can enjoy outdoor living to the fullest.

If your trees are suffering and you want to improve their health or you’d like to make that outdoor oasis you’ve been dreaming of into a reality, contact us today! To speak with one of our associates, please give us a call or submit our online contact form and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions and set up a consultation at a time that’s convenient for you.