Tree Planting

Transform Your Landscape with Jones Tree and Plant Care's Professional Tree Planting Services

The Jones Tree and Plant Care experts have years of knowledge about tree types, soils, and proper planting techniques. With our tree planting services, we make sure that it is done correctly the first time. Unfortunately, 80% of tree failures are due to improper planting. The roots need to breathe and grow out to support the growing tree. Let Jones Tree and Plant Care take care of your planting needs.

Our Essential Techniques for Successful Tree Planting:

  • Site and tree selection
  • Site preparation
  • Handling and placement of the root ball
  • Minor pruning
  • Water water and water
  • Mulching
  • Staking and guying, when necessary

Trust Jones Tree and Plant Care for Exceptional Tree Planting Services on Long Island

When planting trees and shrubs, knowing exactly what species to plant – and how and where to plant them – makes all the difference in the world. At Jones Tree and Plant Care, trees are our passion. With more than ten years of experience and a proven track record of success, our certified arborist and professionally trained landscape designers certainly know a thing or two about planting trees.

Owned and operated by Thomas Jones, a certified arborist, our landscape design company specializes in the planting and care of all types of trees. From evergreens to ornamental deciduous species, our landscape designers will assist you with picking out the perfect trees for your Long Island yard. In addition, they will ensure that they are correctly planted to live long and healthy lives. With our tree planting services, your home’s curb appeal will shine, and the value of your property will increase; plus, you’ll appreciate your yard a whole lot more.

Expert Tree Planting Services to Beautify Your Property in Nassau and Suffolk County

When planting new trees, many people dig a hole in the ground, plop the root ball in water, and expect nature to do the rest. While that method may work sometimes, more often than not, it yields poor results. Many property owners don’t realize that for trees to flourish, several factors need to be considered to be planted properly. About 80% of tree failures are due to improper planting.

At Jones Tree and Plant Care, our landscape designers will consider all vital factors before planting your trees, including the soil on your property, the location and size of the area, the lighting, and the conditions the trees will be exposed to. Then, we’ll perform a complete assessment of your Long Island property to assess these key factors accurately. Our expert arborist will also sit down with you to discuss the specific look you’d like for your landscape and the overall goals that you want to achieve; for example, if your trees will be purely ornamental, if you want them to produce fruit, if they will be used as a source of shade, etc.

Based on the information we gather about your property and your goals, we’ll create a list of trees that would be ideal for your property and that would perfectly meet your needs. Our landscape designers will properly prepare the site and will carefully handle and place the root balls to ensure that the roots have plenty of room to breathe so that they can grow and properly support the trees.

Once your new trees are planted, if necessary, our arborists will perform any minor pruning that may need to be done. We’ll also take care of staking and guying, as needed, to support your newly planted trees as they grow. You’ll receive detailed care tips to support your trees and ensure successful growth. Of course, we can also provide any maintenance services you might require, including pruning, fertilization, and pest or disease identification and treatment.

Our goal is to deliver the most successful results possible. Nothing makes us happier than seeing strong, healthy trees, and we know that with our planting services, you will enjoy the many benefits that evergreens and ornamentals provide for your landscape.

Transform Your Outdoor Space with Comprehensive Landscape Design Services

At Jones Tree and Plant Care, we do more than just plant and care for trees; we also specialize in landscape design and landscape architecture. Our team of licensed professionals can design and install a variety of hardscaping features, including backyard waterfalls and ponds. Whether you’re in need of back or front-yard landscaping design or maintenance services, or you’re looking for pond builders to install a water feature in your yard, you can count on the team at Jones Tree and Plant Care to turn your Long Island landscape into an outdoor paradise!

All of the services we offer are completely customized to meet the specific needs of the clients we serve. We’ll consider all the ideas you’re envisioning to create a one-of-a-kind landscape design that will transform your property into your very own oasis. With our help, your curb appeal will be enhanced, the value of your property will increase, and you’ll enjoy spending more time in your yard. When you choose Jones Tree and Plant Care as your landscape designer, we’re confident that your needs will be met and your expectations will be exceeded.

Bring Your Landscape Vision to Life with Jones Tree and Plant Care's Design Expertise!

To learn more about our tree planting services or any of the other landscape design services that we provide, please get in touch with us today. Our team of professionals will be happy to meet with you, discuss your goals, and answer any of your questions. The yard of your dreams is just a call or click away! To speak with one of our knowledgeable and friendly associates, give us a call or submit our online contact form. At Jones Tree and Plant Care, we look forward to making your yard into a beautiful, welcoming haven.