Deep Root Fertilization

Protect Your Property Investment with Tailored Tree Fertilization Programs by Jones Tree

Trees add value to your property but require proper maintenance to stay healthy. That’s why Jones Tree offers custom tree fertilization programs that enhance tree vitality and promote health.

Tailored to your tree’s species and needs, our programs correct specific nutritional deficiencies and protect against invasive species. We understand that each tree species presents unique ailments and attracts different types of invasive species. For example, American Elms may suffer from Dutch Elm Disease, while Ash Trees are receptive to Emerald Ash Borers.

Our experienced tree service team will inspect your trees and prescribe the right fertilization to promote their health. We do not prescribe unnecessary fertilization, which can encourage certain insect infestations and leach unused elements into the groundwater.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call us today and let us recommend a program that suits your trees’ needs and protects your investment.

Customized to Promote Healthy Growth

At Jones Tree and Plant Care, we understand that trees on your add value to your property. They add to the curb appeal of your home, provide cooling shade on hot days, and welcome all types of wildlife. Plus, they’re just beautiful to look at.

Whether you purchase your property with mature trees or you recently added new ones to your landscape, protecting your investment is important. Like any other living part of your landscape design, trees need to be properly maintained. With deep root fertilization services performed by Jones Tree and Plant Care, the health and vitality of your trees will be enhanced so that you can enjoy the wonderful benefits that they provide for years to come.

An Overview Of Deep Root Fertilization:

Deep root fertilization involves applying premium-quality, custom-blended nutrients to a tree’s root system. Pressure is used to apply the fertilizers, which not only ensures that the nutrients reach the roots, but also aerates the soil to increase oxygen levels to the root system. The solutions that are applied promote microbial activity that is vital to the health of trees and aeration ensures that the roots are getting the vital oxygen that they need to thrive.

Fertilizers are injected just below the surface of the tree and can reach a depth of up to fourteen inches. The injection sites are spaced approximately two to three feet apart in a grid-like pattern. Typically, the soil just under the canopy of the tree is treated, though in some cases, the areas beyond the canopy may also be treated.

Each species of trees has different needs, presents certain ailments, and attracts particular types of invasive pests. For example, American Elms may be afflicted by Dutch Elm Disease, while Ash Trees are prone to infestations of the notorious Emerald Ash Borer beetle. At Jones Tree and Plant Care, we take the specific needs of each species of tree into consideration and custom tailor our deep root fertilization programs to meet those specific needs. We prescribe and apply top-quality, safe, and effective fertilizers that will correct any nutritional deficiencies that your trees may be prone to and that will protect your trees against invasive species.

As an experienced tree service, our certified arborists we will inspect your trees and determine what type of action should be taken to promote optimal health. We do not prescribe unnecessary fertilization, as unnecessary fertilization can encourage certain insect infestations and leach unused elements into the groundwater, which can be detrimental to the health of your trees and to the environment.

When Should You Fertilize Your Trees?

The application of fertilization depends on a variety of factors, including the specific species and the age of your trees, as well as the type of fertilizer that will be used. For the majority of healthy trees, deep root fertilization should occur one or two times a year; however, for trees that are experiencing serious health problems, such as extensive root damage, severe soil compaction above the root system, advanced disease, or large-scale pest infestations, more frequent fertilization may be necessary to save the tree. Our head arborist will assess the condition of your trees and will recommend how frequently deep root fertilization should occur to yield the most effective results.

Complete Landscape Design Services for Long Island Properties

In addition to deep tree root fertilization, Jones Tree and Plant Care provides a range of services to improve your entire landscape design, including air spading, tree pruning, tree planting, and more! Our licensed and experienced landscape designers can improve the health and maintain your existing landscape elements and can design, install, and care for new back or front yard landscaping materials. We also specialize in landscape architecture. Our certified pond builders can create one-of-a-kind backyard waterfalls and other water features that will truly transform your Long Island yard into a paradise. We even provide safe and effective mosquito and tick control services so that you don’t have to worry about pesky pests and can enjoy your time outdoors to the fullest.

With our comprehensive, customized tree, landscape design, and landscape architecture services, we can make your dreams of having a healthy, beautiful, and lush yard a reality.  To learn more about deep root fertilization or any other services that we provide, give us a call or fill out our online contact form today. One of our knowledgeable and friendly associates will happily answer all of your questions and will schedule an appointment for an in-person consultation at a time that is most convenient for you. At Jones Tree and Plant Care, we look forward to improving the health of your trees and enhancing the entire design of your landscape.