Trees Foliating into Autumn

Deer Tick Spraying and Mosquito Control

Jones plant health care is the leading deer tick spraying business serving New york. Each spring receives numerous calls regarding finding dead ticks on your pet’s. This may be your own pets, your kids, or even yourself. This is due to a disease known as the black fever tick, which is carried by these deer animals.

Once infected with this tick-borne disease, the body’s immune system will not be able to fight it off. The disease will then attack human skin causing rashes and extreme itching. The long-term effect of this disease is that it causes the victims to lose their hair and the only way to treat it is through deer tick and mosquito control. Long Island Lyme Disease is one of the most expensive cases of Lyme disease victims in America. Some people have lost their lives and some are suffering now. If you are one of those individuals, you should consider taking action today by contacting a Lyme disease specialist or a local Lyme disease prevention program.

Another problem with deer tick and mosquito control in the warmer months is that there is less vegetation around deer feeders and stands. This means more ticks and mosquitoes are able to survive and breed. This will cause an increase in the tick population throughout the area.