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Things to Consider When Hiring a Professional Tree Sprayer in Suffolk County, NY

Jones Tree and Plant Care is a leading Suffolk County landscape management company. Owned and operated by a New York State Board Certified Arborist, we’re passionate about the tree and plant care and pride ourselves on providing exceptional results. We provide a variety of services, including pest and disease control. If you’re located in Shelter Island, NY and you’re looking for a reputable tree spray company near me, when you choose Jones Tree and Plant Care, you can have confidence knowing that your landscape will receive the very best of care.

A well-landscaped yard has a big impact on the look and feel of your Shelter Island, NY property. Of all of the elements in your landscape, it can be argued that trees and shrubs play the most crucial role. They’re the foundation of landscape, as they’re usually the largest features and provide structural interest and beauty all year long.

Unfortunately, trees and shrubs can be plagued by a devastating problem: pests. Root borer beetles, aphids, webworm moths, gypsy moths, and eastern tent caterpillars are just some of the insects that infest trees in Suffolk County. These pests reproduce and spread quickly, and the damage they cause can wreak havoc on the plants that they take up residence in. As they feed on foliage and bark and lay their eggs, they leave a wave of destruction in their path. In severe cases, pests infestations can kill the trees and shrubs that they inhabit and completely decimate your landscape.

If you suspect that your plants are infested with insects or you just want to be proactive and combat a potential problem before it starts, hiring a Suffolk County tree sprayer is highly recommended.

When it comes to hiring a professional tree sprayer, you want to be sure that you choose the most qualified and capable company. Before you choose just any tree care company, it’s important to research and weigh your options. How can you determine if a tree sprayer is reputable and the right professional for the job? Here are some important factors to consider that can help guide you in the right direction.

Licensed and Insured

Tree care and insect control are more complex than you may realize. There are various types of pests that can infect Suffolk County trees and it’s important to choose a high-pressure tree sprayer who has been properly trained in identifying and treating the insects that plague the plants of the region.

When you’re looking for a professional tree sprayer, make sure that they’re licensed. Licensure indicates that the technicians have completed all necessary training to perform tree spraying and plant care and that they comply with local regulations. To ensure you receive the best care, you’ll want to work with a certified arborist.

You’ll also want to be sure that the company you hire is fully insured. Tree spraying is complicated. It involves heavy equipment, chemicals, and climbing; all factors that can be dangerous and possibly result in injuries and property damage. Insurance protects you from having to cover the cost of any mishaps that may occur. For example, if a technician sustains an injury while treating your plants or your property is damaged while the service is being performed, the company’s insurance will pay for any related medical care and repairs that may be required. If the tree sprayer isn’t insured and an incident does occur, you’ll have to pay to have to cover the cost of associated expenses.

Don’t be afraid to ask to see proof of licensure and insurance. A reputable professional tree sprayer won’t have a problem confirming their validity and will gladly share this information with you.


As mentioned, tree spraying is a complex process. It involves the use of chemical pesticides and powerful tools. If the wrong products or used or the tools are improperly operated, there’s a good chance that the tree sprayer will do more harm than good.

It’s in your best interest to choose a well-established tree and plant care company that has years of experience. The more experience a tree sprayer has, the more in-depth knowledge they will have about pesticides, chemical applications, and identifying the species of pests that are plaguing your trees and shrubs. Furthermore, an established company that’s been in business for several years has proven that they can provide effective results. If their services weren’t reliable, they wouldn’t be in business for long.


Lastly, it’s important that prospective tree sprayers you’re thinking about hiring have references. Make sure to ask for the contact information of previous clients that a professional tree sprayer has worked with and reach out to at least three of those references. Find out what type of experience others had with the company and whether or not they were satisfied with the results they provided. You might even want to consider seeing if you can make arrangements to view their properties so you can see for yourself what the plants the tree sprayer has serviced look like.

Any credible tree sprayer will be more than willing to share a list of references. If the company seems hesitant or dismisses your request, or if you can’t get a hold of the references they provided, consider those red flags. There’s a good chance that their services are subpar, previous clients haven’t been satisfied, or that they don’t have the experience they claim to.

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Tree spraying is a delicate process and needs to be handled by a highly knowledgeable, experienced, and credible professional. Jones Tree and Plant Care, a leading Suffolk County landscape management company, offers the knowledge and experience you can count on to deliver the most reliable results possible. To find out more about our environmentally-friendly, highly effective tree spraying services, please call 631-334-2616. You can also fill out our online contact form We look forward to hearing from you and improving the health and beauty of your Shelter Island, NY landscape.