Tree Planting

Tree Spraying – Its Importance

Tree Spraying is the process of using an air compressor in order to spray trees. Tree sprays help in controlling the overpopulation of insects and diseases which may affect your trees in the long run. The most important thing is that you should choose a proper spraying technique as per the tree characteristics. Tree spraying can be done manually or by using an air sprayer. If your looking for a tree spray service contact Jones tree and plant care.

Tree Spraying involves spraying your selected trees with a specific chemical that is designed for that particular tree. The specific chemicals which are used depending upon the specific infections and diseases which have been identified and spraying at the right timing depend solely on these infections and diseases. One of the major reasons why tree spraying may not work effectively is because of the poor timing with which the chemicals are applied.

Sometimes, even if the application of the chemicals is correct, it does not result in the killing of the disease and insect which is causing the harm. For instance, the chemicals would affect the root system of the tree. Once the root system gets affected, it is impossible to treat the tree effectively. Hence, in order to get good results from tree spraying its important to use a company that knows what there doing.

-Jones Tree and Plant Care